How Do We Compare?

Summit Marketing Solutions

The Federal Trade Commission promotes lawful comparative advertising as a great way to inform consumers and increase competition. Describing how our product is superior to our competitors could be a very effective positioning tool and possibly lead to significant economic gains for our company. However, it can also invite litigation. There are strict rules about casting your competitor in a negative light. Further, the more successful our campaign, the more it is likely to offend and provoke retribution and we are expecting a VERY SUCCESSFUL campaign this year.

Do the Research - Your business is counting on you!

We invite you to do your due diligence and take a look at the various options you have available. Below, we provide links to companies that we believe offer outstanding products and customer service. We want you to find the right fit for you, and we hope that it leads to a prosperous future for you and your business. We also hope that once you have done your research, you will see the value in our bundled services and decide that WE ARE the right fit for you.